Certified Professional Risk Manager - CPRM™ | AX35 April 2017

Apr 10, 2017 09:00 -
Apr 11, 2017 17:00 UTC+08
ARiMI - Citihub Campus, 20 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321

The next session of ARiMI-CPRM™, AX35 is coming soon on the 10th of April. If you have already completed the CERM™ program, you have only made about half of the learning journey, so we recommend you to continue your professional learning development with the CPRM™ in order to complete ARiMI Risk Management Professional Competency Standards.

The CPRM™ program is not just designed for risk professionals, but also for any professionals coming from any field or function who are confronted with the challenge of making difficult decisions and achieving results in a very complex and uncertain business environment. With newly acquired capabilities from CPRM™, you will become much more effective in making risk-optimised decisions as well as in resolving any problems you may face in your work. In summary, you will build the capability to deliver the changes required by the risks environment in order to secure sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation..

For more Information click the following link: CPRM Information

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